Server Range

Server Range

Our latest range of high performance dedicated and virtual servers provide unrestricted administration access and top of the range hardware specifications.

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Dedicated ServersDedicated Servers
The power and performance your business needs
  • Run high usage applications and multiple websites
  • Optimise performance with dynamic server-load balancing
  • Get your server online in minutes with free instant setup
  • Choice of operating systems

Virtual Private ServersVirtual Private Servers
Respond to the changing needs of your business with a scalable VPS.
  • Run high usage applications and multiple websites
  • Get your server online in minutes with free instant setup
  • Flexible payment options to suit any budget
  • Choice of operating systems

Parallels PleskParallels Plesk
Install the user-friendly Plesk control panel for easy configuration and maintenance.

Set up websites and applications quickly and easily, and spend more time focusing on your business.
Advanced Server MonitoringAdvanced Server Monitoring
Maximise the performance and management of virtual and dedicated servers with Advanced Server Monitoring.

Monitoring server resources 24/7 is simple.
Private LAN'sPrivate LAN's
Create your own secure private network in our dedicated UK data centre. Data can flow freely between each of your dedicated servers at 100 Mbps with no bandwidth charges. No machine outside your private network can communicate directly with your servers.
Operating SystemsOperating Systems
Choose from the latest Windows and Linux operating systems

You get a choice of operating system with a EBIZ Systems Dedicated and Virtual Private server.
Simply choose the Windows or Linux operating system that suits your needs.
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