Online Backup

Online Backup

Automated backup and recovery for Windows

  • Easy to set up and schedule automatic, regular backups of your data
  • Works with any PC, laptop or server running Windows
  • Fast, efficient backups
  • Secure, encrypted updates
  • Restore an entire computer or a single file

Automated backup and recovery for Windows

You know backing up your business data is critical. More than ever the value of your business is contained in electronic data. It could be customer information, financial records, project documents or even the skills and expertise of your business.

At the same time you want your team doing what they do best, that's why EBIZ Systems have made data backup simple, with advanced automated features to protect all devices in your head office, remote office and home by any member of your team.

40% of all SMBs will go out of business if they cannot get to their data in the first 24 hours after a crisis - Gartner

Protect your data in the cloud with secure online backup

Set up and forget

EBIZ Systems Online Backup's simple to use software allows you to set up unlimited automatic backups for single or multiple files so that you can get on with your day with the peace of mind that your data is accessible and totally secure.

Unlimited devices and software

Today businesses have servers and desktop computers in different locations, and mobile workers with valuable data stored locally on laptops. With EBIZ Systems users can protect all these devices at no additional cost.

Fast backup

With efficient compression and encryption of backups, EBIZ Systems ensures your data is uploaded to the cloud quickly, without comprising on security. After your first upload, any new files or changes are captured automatically with incremental backups, so you benefit from much smaller uploads.

Secure backup

Backing up to the cloud is the ideal solution, there's no infrastructure hassle and you can add storage space on-demand. EBIZ Systems encrypts your data end-to-end. Protected with 128-bit AES encryption during transmission and when stored in our UK data centre.

Access anytime, anywhere

EBIZ Systems lets you restore individual or multiple files, even server images from any location with an internet connection. By keeping unlimited backup copies, EBIZ Systems lets you restore from any point in time. Plus if your original device is damaged, just download the software onto a new machine at no additional cost and restore to it instead.

Scale on demand

As your business grows, it's good to know that your backup space can grow with you on-demand. Your backup software gives you a real-time view of your available storage to let you know when you're approaching your current limit.

Secure UK data centres

EBIZ Systems state of the art UK data centres are managed 24/7 by onsite engineers 365 days of the year. There's a lot to worry about when you run a business but you don't have to worry about the safety and security of your business information. With EBIZ Systems you'll get the peace of mind that comes from secure UK data centres.

Online Backup vs. MozyPro

EBIZ SystemsMozyPro
UK datacentre location-
Server and desktop coverage
The same product license and same software client covers Windows desktops and Windows servers
Different license for servers and desktop
Ability to setup and manage all clients and business groups
The same product license and same software client covers Windows desktops and Windows servers
Application aware backup
Microsoft Exchange 2010 and SQL (v12.1). Plugins to support full image backup - application aware. Supports back to Windows Server 2003 SP2. (inc SBS), Exchange 2003 and SQL 2005 SP2

(Exchange and SQL)
Backup of network drives
Only backup files within a certain date range or attribute
Bit level incremental backup
Backup open files
Efficient compression
Before transmission
Only de-duplication at the back-end, doesn't save bandwidth for transmission. Space only saved by removing replication
Backup sets and schedules
Backup and delete optionsFour backup options and delete file lists option with customisable restoreTwo backup options
Customisable bandwidth throttling
EncryptionData protected with 256-bit encryption. Data is encrypted on the client, transferred and stored encrypted. True end to end encryption ensuring privacy. Privacy not guaranteed Mozy de-duplicate the data to save storage space, this does mean that they have to decrypt the data on the backup server side. Mozy use 448-bit blowfish as default
User interfaceSoftware client with choice of beginner or advanced view. Wizard driven backup setup. Web based restore option available ("Cloud Restore")Client and web
Individual file restore
Chose which file you would like to restore and set restore location. Choose between image, folder or file restore
Online web restore process requires FULL download of the full data amount (uncompressed). Also Mozy must unencrypt files for you and send them over the internet unencrypted
Restore windowFor as long as the customer wishes and has available storageLimited to maximum of 30 days in the past
Included anti-virus-
Ability to run pre/post commands-
Command line operationOnly through third party tool for initial install

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