Fully Customised Ribbon

Fully Customised Ribbon

The Ribbon is part of the new the Office Fluent user interface (UI). Throughout the Office suite, Microsoft replaced the traditional menus and toolbars with this new Ribbon so that you can find and use the features you need - and use - a lot easier. It was designed to be intuitive for you and, perhaps most importantly, easy to get accustomed to.

Ribbon Image

What exaclty is the ribbon?

The ribbon is split up into a number of tabs. Each tab is like a rich toolbar organized around a high-level task and contains commands for accomplishing that task. When a tab is selected, the commands associated with it become visible in the upper part of the screen.

The commands on each tab are ordered into groups to further organise the available features. For example, the cut, copy and paste functions are organised into a group "Clipboard".

Added to this, additional tabs are added "on the fly" to your database when you open certain forms making more specific commands available that are associated only with this form.

Reduced Learning and Training Requirements

The ribbon interface is used throughout the Microsoft Office suite of applications meaning it will automatically be familiar to your users.

On top of that, because the ribbon targets specific, relavent commands to users as they work, training requirements are significantly reduced meaning your database becomes productive much more quickly, helping to reduce the overall cost of investment.

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