SellerDeck Integration

SellerDeck Integration

We have extensive knowledge in integrating database applications to interact with
and automate your SellerDeck website/s.

This can help to greatly reduce the amount of time you have to spend manually updating
the products etc. on your website whilst at the same time, automating your website
updates and downloads and many other tasks if necessary.

SellerDeck Toolbar

How it works?

Like most good applications, SellerDeck is based around a database. In SellerDecks case this is either an Access or SQL Server database (depending on the SellerDeck version).

Because SellerDeck is based around a database, this means that using our extensive knowledge of how the database is structured, we are able to manipulate the records and automate certain elements.

Third Party Providers

SellerDeck have a number of other third parties who develop plug-ins for their software. Codepath for example offer (amongst other plug-ins) a simple to use order tracking system.

Because many of these plug-ins also interact with the SellerDeck database, we are able to automate these as well. For example, we have customers who integrate their in house database with SellerDeck and Codepath to fully automate, not only the upload and download of orders but also automate the product generation and order tracking history which their customer can then access online.

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