Advanced Server Monitoring

Advanced Server Monitoring

Maximise the performance and management of virtual and dedicated servers with Advanced Server Monitoring.

Monitoring server resources 24/7 is simple.

Improve performance

With a range of predefined best practice alerts to get you and your customer setup fast, and the option to set custom thresholds on server resources. Advanced Server monitoring continually tests and automatically updates the user by email to ensure problems are spotted before they impact on performance.
  • Server resources
    Customize thresholds for processor usage, memory, bandwidth and hard disk space

  • Port monitoring
    Monitor the ports that web applications rely on, and if the system doesn't know about it, we'll add it!

  • Website statistics
    Continually monitor web services and commonly used web transactions

  • Database monitoring
    Maintain MySQL query speeds and identify performance issues fast

  • Content verification policies
    Monitor URL and web content availability, port response, Nameserver response and more.

Work smarter

Designed to grow with changing requirements, whether monitoring server resources, planning for an upgrade or capacity planning. View information at a glance with unlimited custom dashboard displays, easy to digest graphs and exportable reports.
  • Email alerts support up to 4 email addresses.
  • SMS alerts are available as an optional extra.

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